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Your business is unique…. location, facilities, services, everything impeccable! The time has come for it to stand out online too!

Through a unique experience

We pay much attention to your website design and user-friendliness, to create a unique experience for the visitor, which will be presented with a very positive environment and facilitated in their booking and contact process!

It goes without saying that all businesses having to do with tourism need a website. The real question here is, how a modern and functional website will be able to attract customers, as well as what should be included in this website to achieve its goals.

Not all websites are built the same way. And this is correct, especially when it comes to hotel businesses! Our main goal in Octo 6, is to give prominence to the philosophy, atmosphere and uniqueness of your business, in the simplest and most understandable possible way, while also providing all the necessary information.

Effective websites

The way a website is displayed and operates is of utmost importance as the market grows more and more competitive. Thus, a website of modern design featuring state-of-the-art technology and at the same time, proper communication with possible customers, is essential for developing your online corporate image.

For every website we design, in Eshoped we make sure that we staunchly follow the basic principles below :

Elegant and modern design

Your website design should reflect and bring out in the best possible way your company’s identity and philosophy, as well as all the aspects making it unique.

Well-built websites

From a technical point of view, to load fast, operate 24x7, enable easy sharing on social media and of course be accessible on all mobile devices.

Functional and legible

So that its content is brought out properly. Moreover, it needs to facilitate the user in finding the information they seek while directing them to the designated- by you- steps, according to your business objectives.

Website building processin 3 simple steps

We have been trying to keep our workflow as simple and understandable as possible. Thus, the process of setting up a website or an e-shop is divided into 3 basic parts, presented below:

your needs

Analyzing your needs and goals concerning the website you wish to build and collecting all the necessary data

& Developing

Design and developing, using new technologies, based on your specification, and embedding the content.

Quality Control
& Delivery

Final check and stylization of your website after any possible changes you may desire. System management training and delivery of your website.

Any inquiries? Feel free to contact us, starting today !

There is so much more things we can do for you besides building a website for your tourist business and it will be a great pleasure to have youcontact us; this way we can get to know each other, record your needs and offer you the best possible solution! We are looking forward to meeting!