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Social Media Marketing

A reliable and effective strategy for a strong company presence on popular Social Media.

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In Eshoped we develop the best Social Media strategy to convey the proper message to the proper crowd and raise awareness of your business, thus motivating users to address it.

Over the past few years, Internet users’ involvement in Social Networks as well as Social Media in general, has proved to be one of the most popular activities.

Social Media Marketing is the most effective method to transfer your company and its products or services in the world of Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.), a significant pillar of your online image. The main goal is to let social media users become your advertisers through shares, comments and likes, or any other way which will spread the word about your business to more and more people.

Social Media, and above all Facebook, designate a strong relationship between your customers and your company and a dynamic presence contributes radically to increasing traffic on your website.

Depending on your needs, we develop the strategy to be followed and we make use of relevant to your company platforms, aiming at boosting both your online presence and your brand name.

What can be achieved through business presence and advertising on Social Media?

  • Direct communication with the public and consumers.
  • Possibility of reaching out to more than 4 million users in Greece!
  • Effective group targeting based on location, interests, age, sex etc.
  • Management and Branding.
  • Opportunities of increasing your following and customers.
  • Data collection of your following’s needs.
  • Social media analytical statistics provide a clear picture of what is effective and what is not.
  • Low costs of advertising as compared to other media.
  • Crisis management to avoid discontent regarding an unpleasant event and to keep the incident limited and away from other media which might ruin your company’s reputation.


Advertising & Promotion

We design, we organize, and we manage your advertising on social media effectively and to the point.

Brand Monitoring

We improve your presence on Social Media and the way you are seen by the users.


Targeted competitions to increase your website traffic in a short period of time.

Social Media Administration

Content development and administration of your Social Media accounts for your following to keep up with your latest updates.

Any inquiries? Feel free to contact us, starting today!

There is so much more that we can do for you apart from promoting your business through social media and we would be delighted to have you contact us; this way we can get to know each other, record your needs and offer you the best possible solution! We are looking forward to meeting!